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About Borgioni

About Borgioni

A perfectly matched set… this is the only way to truly capture the spirit of the Borgioni Private Collection and its creators – the mother-daughter team of Rhonda and Tiffany Bartolacci. Named after the family matriarch, Emily Rose Borgioni Bartolacci, and inspired by the vintage pieces she left behind for the mother-daughter team, Borgioni can only be described as expressive, exotic and inspired. Considering Tiffany’s laid back vintage – bohemian style that sharply contrasts Rhonda’s medieval rocker at heart approach, the design duo’s ability to respect each other’s creative vision is what defines the collection itself.

The collection can be described as unique pieces of art that can be worn as accessories. It’s a philosophy that is evidently shared by some of the most prolific names in fashion and entertainment. Such fashion trendsetters as Heidi Klum, Brad Pitt, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler & Miranda Lambert among others, are routinely spotted wearing the glam-rock gold-nugget skulls, bejeweled buddha’s, and nature-inspired pieces.

Surprisingly, in this day and age of press relations, the brand’s A-line image has been grown entirely from grass root efforts. It was just a matter of using their collective entrepreneurial skills to leverage their experience into a sustainable business. Both women actually boast impressive business backgrounds: Rhonda for her involvement with the family real-estate and superstore business that existed long before the now-famous WalMart brand, and Tiffany for her BS in Business and JD in law from Pepperdine University.

Wanting to wear the family heirlooms, the two re-designed the vintage pieces into their own creations. Friends, relatives, and colleagues were immediately drawn to the pieces, and just a short time later Tiffany and Rhonda decided to take their designs public. Their collection can be found at Neiman Marcus and specialty boutiques worldwide.