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About deLaCour

Pierre Koukjian
Alfred Terzibachian
Louai Kuzbari

Pierre Koukjian

Alfred Terzibachian

Louai Kuzbari

In 1989, friends Alfred Terzibachian and Louai Kuzbari met Pierre Koukjian, then a famous and successful jewelry designer. A strong friendship and connection was developed and soon the three were working together, rooting concrete foundations for a future successful enterprise.

From 1990 to 1999, the three worked with many high-end leaders in the world of Swiss watch making and jewelry powerhouses, providing innovative designs and marketing expertise. Every bespoke timepiece and jewelry design created was sent to different workshops within Geneva to be able to manage an intricate audit per piece and guarantee top quality control, assuring their clientele an authentic pièce de résistance. Alfred, Louai and Pierre acquired all the experience and thorough knowledge needed to create their own identity and in 2003, they decided to launch deLaCour. The three friends built what would be one of the most creative, innovative and original Swiss timepiece companies. Strategically, the decision of working with different workshops within Switzerland was the flexibility of interchanging different timepiece parts and ideas to create one unique timepiece within a quick turnaround and outstanding quality. Hence, deLaCour only creates limited edition collections to satisfy an exclusive and demanding niche clientele.

In 2003, deLaCour unveiled the world first Bichrono collection at the luxurious watch and jewelry show in Basel, Switzerland. Within the same period, a jewelry timepiece line, The Heart Riders was born, using the same iconic deLaCour shape.

2004 – The innovative and unique Bitourbillon, contains a movement with two tourbillons linked by a differential, of which one would be at 5 o’clock and the second at 7 o’clock as well as a shooting star at 12 o’clock. Thus, in 2004, after 3 years of research, deLaCour developed their first interactive, innovative, login-based portal, were clients can choose their unique personalization. Since then, deLaCour has been placed in a different tier within the luxury watch-making sector, considering them the first high end timepiece company to develop this creative, interactive devise.

2005 - deLaCour opened their doors to their first showroom/boutique in Geneva, Switzerland.

2006 – deLaCour extended The Bichrono collection and created the Bichrono SII. A redesign of the flat dial containing an enameled diagram, to a more intricate display of dials to exalt the beautiful design of this timepiece. Not only a pioneer in its novel use of dual chronographs, other materials used to produce these exceptional dials has been a product of constant research and innovation. World premieres, such as the unique textural traits of organic components such as natural precious wood (Bichrono Hommage) and the delicate tobacco leaf (Bichrono Fidelidad), leather, are amongst these exclusive materials used on the Bichrono SII. Within this same period, deLaCour launched The City Collection. Inspired by the body shape and more specifically, the hips, the City Line has been created for the active individual whose daily arena is the urban environment.

2007 – Taking a bold step away from the stereotypical, deLaCour introduced a vibrant and daring design, The Saqra. This line is inspired by the “shakra”, the energy in the center of the human body, a recurrent source of inspiration for deLaCour. A perfect balance between the softness of the circle and the boldness of the square. From this line derives the following collections: Saqra Weekend, Saqra Bitime,Saqra Grande Reserve. Saqra Ego whose collection consists of a daring combination of rose gold and titanium. Saqrono Ego, which includes a chronograph movement with a 42 hour power reserve and maintaining the rose gold and titanium case Iridium Saqra Triplex ‘s titanium case is adorned by iridium metal plates, which is sometimes confused as gold considering its yellowish hue. Iridium is the most corrosion resistant metal, which repels the effects of acid and other acridic chemicals; it is an extremely rare component, difficult to work with and expensive. This Iridium Saqra Triplex is named not only for its rare armor, but also from its three time zones which contain a large flying tourbillon-based manual-winding movement.

2009 – The City collection evolved into its new identity, with larger extended lugs and a more personalized case with new embellishments.

2010 - deLaCour launches the Promess Line. The sleek curves of this round case are offset by angled planes defining the many facets of this fascinating line. The Promess Collection is deLaCour’s first round timepiece inspired by their faithful clientele.

2011 – The introduction of Real Madrid’s Coach, José Mourinho as deLaCour’s Brand Ambassador and the Mourinho City Ego were launched in Geneva, 2011.

2012 – deLaCour takes a step away from their concurrent dials and redesigns them incorporating 3D optical illusions (City Caractère, City Episode, Saqra Ego II), adding clean asymmetric lines (City Leap Classic, City Leap Web, City Leap Passion), creating a slimmer and more wearable cases with baguette Peridots, Iolites, Citrines, Amethysts and Pink Sapphires (City Leap Classic) and last but not least, beautiful hand painted dials (City Leap Garden) that incorporate mother of pearl and are accented with diamonds, rubies, tsavorites and yellow sapphires.

Saqra Ego II, showcasing a titanium case and dial and the new deLaCour 3D displays on their dials. Maintaining the Saqra’s original case design, a new contrast of three dimensional Roman numerals and web-like dials give this timepiece a “floating-dial” illusion.

The Bichrono Tech contains deLaCour’s Bichrono movements with a more technical design of its dial. The second layer of the dial outlines the top and bottom of the dial, making it this timepiece’s armor and giving it a 3D effect.

2013 – The launch of the Bichrono S3 Rafaga with pulverised asphalt dial, with the new Bichrono shape.

The grand opening of the Boutique deLaCour in Jakarta, Indonesia.

2014 – For Ladies, a new smaller Leap S. For gentlemen, the new shape of the City Bitime, and for the sports enthusiast the New Chronograph with the added Flyback complication.

deLaCour was established to offer alternative and exclusive creations to the world of luxury timepieces; complicated movements that have been delicately and individually handcrafted for those who have a passion for state-of-the-art masterpieces, and a collection of distinct models to suit from the jet-set to the most meticulous timepiece avant-garde collector.

deLaCour finds its inspiration in an uncharted future and defines it with exceptional limited edition timepiece collections as a result of an independent, self-assured vision, not in response to fleeting fashion trends. Thus, deLaCour’s award winning slogan, “Since Tomorrow” defines a notion of consistently forward-looking modernism, self-expression and refinement.

Since the very beginning, deLaCour has always participated and been very aware of various important charity associations, and wanted to help and be a part of their events all over the world.

Each and every deLaCour Collection is the result of an authentic and individual journey the brand takes on without preconceived notions or constraints.

It is a pleasure to introduce deLaCour and let you experience the philosophy, ‘Since Tomorrow’ through our timepieces. deLaCour is a reflection of our time.