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Messika Joaillerie

Diamonds, A family tradition.

Valérie Messika did not choose diamonds by mere coincidence. Heiress to a family tradition, she was predestined to work with diamonds. During her childhood, Valérie used to listen to the fascinating stories told by her father André, a key player in diamond trade. Valerie chose to focus on diamonds while following her own path. Her passion for diamonds is at the very center of all her creations. Instinctively, each diamond inspires her a sketch or a drawing, emotions come from the forms she imagines when seeing the stone.

Shapes, patterns and techniques prevail. They are chosen only to highlight the uniqueness of the diamond, its quality, its size, its brightness and its nuances.

Technical expertise

For her jewelry and fine jewelry creations, Valérie Messika pays great attention to the setting, the size of the stone, its lightness, as these are the basis of her esthetic ambitions.

Every piece of jewelry reflects technical expertise, an inexhaustible source of ideas and forms.

Messika Joaillerie
Messika Joaillerie

Excellenceat the service of creation

Some high jewelry pieces are exclusive and stem from a unique know-how and a high degree of manual dexterity for tailor-made creations.

Jewelry pieces designed from precious stones with infinitely subtle colors, true miracles of nature. 

A free-spirited creator

The passion of diamonds gave birth to the vocation of Valérie Messika: creation.

Valérie founded Messika in 2005, introducing a new jewelry style that carries the personality of its creator, her youthful spirit, cheerfulness and fast-paced life. Her vision inspires each and every piece of her collections.

Jewelry pieces designed to live fast

Valérie Messika favors light creations.

These are imbued with absolute minimalism: nothing is solid, nothing is overloaded.

Assembled in wireframes, diamonds are a keystone and are held together. They metamorphose, suspended in the air, sparkling sculptures, so that each piece is vibrant and alive... Valérie aims to make jewelry and high jewelry ergonomic, comfortable and easy to wear, a prowess in today’s life.