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Frost of London After Sales

Franck Muller Repairs / Aftersales

Step 1

Bring or send your watch in to us. It will be booked into our repair system and you will receive a receipt detailing your model, metal, serial number, condition...etc

Step 2

Your watch will be sent back to the Franck Muller workshop in Geneve where the watch will be assessed and checked if the repair work needed is covered by the warranty or is chargable.  If chargable you will receive a quote from us within 4-6 weeks.

Step 3

Accept or reject the quote. If you reject the quote will we have your watch back to us within 4 weeks. If you accept the quote the repair work can take a further 12-16 weeks depending on parts and availability. Some can be done much quicker but we set this time frame just in case.

Franck Muller Repairs

Please Note

There is a £100 charge for this repair service which covers secured shipping to and from Switzerland. 



All items that are sent back to the brands manufacture or that are waiting for parts from a brands manufacture are not within our control, we will do our best to keep within a time frame quoted, but some repairs may take longer then others.