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Instrument Collection

Combining marine precision with aesthetic perfection

The new Instrument Collection from Arnold & Son was inspired by the timepieces produced during the second part of John Arnold's life and later, following his death, by his son, John Roger. This was a period when the Arnolds dedicated themselves exclusively to the quest for absolute precision and a solution to the problem of determining longitude accurately and reliably on the high seas. So successful were they, and of such high quality their products, that within the space of a few years they had established themselves as suppliers of choice to the Royal Navy and to some of the most distinguished mariners and explorers of their day.

During this era, timepieces played a crucial role as aids to navigation and were, effectively, technical and scientific "instruments". John Arnold and his son decided to make them as rugged and reliable as possible, and in sufficient quantities to equip the Navy's extensive fleet. Ultimately, they were to prove pivotal to the nation's marine dominance and helped ensure that Britannia really did rule the waves.

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