British luxury timepieces

O F F I C I A L  S T O C K I S T

T W O  Y E A R  W A R R A N T Y

F R E E  D E L I V E R Y


Discover British luxury timepieces with over 200 years of heritage that combine the finest watchmaking and diamond-cutting practices. Frost of London is proud to be one of the few UK jewellers to stock this legacy brand with watches from the Berkeley, Piccadilly, Regent and Victoria collections.


View four Backes & Strauss collections, each with their own historical and geographical significance. From the iconic oval-shaped Regent watches to the Berkeley collection that mirrors London’s great Berkeley square, these watches celebrate the best of British architecture.


We’ve handpicked a selection of Backes & Strauss luxury watches to showcase the brand’s devotion to careful craftsmanship and mathematical precision. This is seen in the perfect placement of high-quality diamonds, as well as in the expert watchmaking process that has awarded the brand a partnership with His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent.

About Backes & Strauss

Our watches are a showcase for our diamonds, while the brilliance of our diamonds draws attention to the bold, graceful designs of our watches. Each complements the other. It is this remarkable combination of the crafts of watchmaking and diamond-cutting that makes Backes & Strauss the ultimate diamond watch company.


At Backes & Strauss, the world’s oldest diamond company, we are passionate about cutting and polishing exceptional diamonds to perfection. 

Our bejewelled watches, all handcrafted in Switzerland, are inspired by the architectural elegance of 19th century London, where the story of Backes & Strauss began. 

For over two centuries, Backes & Strauss has constantly looked forward, pioneering new diamond cutting techniques and enthralling connoisseurs with its compelling designs.

Today, Backes & Strauss is part of the Franck Muller Group, a Swiss watchmaking group daring to imagine the future of precision Swiss watchmaking. Our partnership is a meeting of masters, resulting in masterpieces of horology in every detail.


Every round, brilliant diamond used at Backes & Strauss is an Ideal-Cut diamond, designed to emanate optimum fire and brilliance. The perfect symmetry and proportions of an Ideal- Cut diamond ensure that the light entering the stone refracts internally from 57 precisely placed facets and travels out through the top of the diamond, creating a mesmerising sparkle. 

We work with only the highest specification diamonds. Every diamond at Backes & Strauss is a D, E or F colour and internally flawless with only a very, very slight inclusion.

Backes & Strauss

Backes & Strauss effortlessly pair technical watchmaking with expert diamond cutting, making every watch a dual luxury. With a timeline dating back to 1789, the history of Backes & Strauss is sprawling, beginning in Germany before a logical move to London in the early 1800s.

The Brand

Widely accepted as the world’s oldest diamond company, Backes & Strauss is a distinguished brand in the luxury industry. Every timepiece is bejewelled with high-quality diamonds accentuating the unique silhouettes of the Backes & Strauss watches. Based in London, each collection is inspired by the architectural elegance of the city emulating iconic areas, whether that’s the circularity of Piccadilly Circus or the rigid lines of Berkeley square. For this reason, each watch holds a sense of nostalgia and familiarity that forces us to remember and appreciate the beauty of 19th-century Britain. Royal partnerships and associations with the Franck Muller Group mean Backes & Strauss is renowned as one of the masters of horology.

Masters of Diamonds Since 1789

Backes & Strauss turns its attention to light ensuring each diamond cut has the perfect symmetry to refract the optimum amount of light and sparkle. As luxury watches go, Backes & Strauss timepieces are more like fine jewellery adorned by high-specification diamonds, either in a D, E or F colour.

Meeting of Masters

As part of the Franck Muller Group, Backes & Strauss lives up to the same luxury standards of Swiss watchmaking as both brands share a devotion to mathematical precision. As a watchmaker, Backes & Strauss is differentiated by its fascination with diamonds and light. When buying a Backes & Strauss watch you can be sure that every model will boast the brand’s characteristic jewel-like beauty that adds more joy to timekeeping.