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Roberto Coin 20/11/2020

The Best Luxury Women’s Jewellery Brands

With so many luxury brands to choose from, it can be hard to select a piece from a jewellery creator that reflects your personality and fulfils your desires. Frost of London offers an abundance of astounding jewellery for you to choose from. There’s a story behind every great jewellery creator. The best luxury women’s jewellery brands all have a tale to tell, and Frost of London are proud to share their stories through each fabulous collection from the world’s leading women’s jewellery brands. Luxury Women’s Jewellery from Frost of London... Read More


Bridal-Shower Gifts: Keepsakes to Remember

Finding the perfect present for the bride before her special day is an important yet challenging task. The right bridal-shower gifts can embody the most heartfelt of sentiments and will stay with the bride throughout her life. While cheaper investments will diminish quickly and often end up being forgotten, Frost of London’s varied selection of luxury jewellery offers extraordinary gifts that’ll forever remind your loved one of the joyous occasion. What Is a Bridal Shower and Why Is It Important? Sometimes referred to as a “wedding shower”, a bridal shower... Read More

Man showing a ring in a box 26/10/2020

How Much Are Engagement Rings?

There can be nothing more difficult than finding the right engagement ring for your perfect partner. It may seem impossible to sum up what someone means to you with a single sentimental offering, not least when it’s a marriage proposal. This raises one of many questions, how much should an engagement ring cost?  At Frost of London, we’re proud to offer an eclectic selection of rings to suit anyone’s taste. With so much to consider, our selection will give you the best chance of finding the perfect match for such... Read More


The Luxury Gift Guide for Men

It can often be tricky to purchase gifts for men, especially when it seems that they have everything they could possibly need. Nevertheless, when it comes to purchasing a luxurious and sincerely heartfelt gift, it’s important to get it right. Frost of London will provide you with a vision for that special gift, excellence in the delivery of your chosen item and integrity, loyalty and service throughout your experience.  Read on to uncover the perfect luxury gift for your loved one with our luxury gift guide for men. What Should... Read More

Male modelling jewellery bracelets 26/06/2020

What to Get the Man Who Has Everything

On birthdays, Father’s Day or any other significant holiday, we often start to panic wondering what to get the men in our lives.  Unlike women, men tend to stick to classic staples and functional items that rarely change or cause them to need to buy anything new. This makes gift-giving that much harder, often ruling out the novelty factor, anything on-trend — or anything that risks the recipient to confess they already have one just like it.  So, what should you get the man who has everything?  Something Collectable  The... Read More

Man in suit wearing designer watch 23/06/2020

How to Wear a Watch like a Gentleman (Following Etiquette Rules)

The wristwatch can be dated to the year 1916 when publications like the New York Times were reporting on how Europeans were migrating from the pocket watch to having time on their wrist. During World War I the trend cemented itself as soldiers were required to follow suit to make sure checking the hour was more practical.  There is a deep-rooted history of watch wearing –– as well as watchmaking and watch wearing has some strict etiquette rules ranging from how to wear a watch to how frequently you should... Read More

How to Clean and Care for Yellow Gold Jewellery

Most gold enthusiasts already know that there are different types of gold, with yellow gold as the variation we most commonly think of as “pure” gold.  In addition to yellow gold, rose gold and white gold are also popular for use in jewellery. As a seller of specialist luxury jewellery, we carry collections with rare varieties of gold such as black gold and even green gold.  Still, yellow gold is likely to account for the bulk of your luxury jewellery collection.  This means it’s important to know how to clean... Read More

How to Clean Gold Rings, Jewellery and Trinkets at Home

As the most luxurious metal on the market, owners of gold will no doubt want to keep their most prized jewellery possessions in mint condition. Doing this is fairly easy if you know how to clean gold the right way.  We recommend cleaning your gold rings, jewellery and trinkets each week at home, as well as having your items professionally cleaned at least once every six months.  What Is The Best Way to Clean Gold Jewellery?  Depending on the karat quality of your gold, your piece may be more prone... Read More


How to Clean Silver, Gold and Pearl Jewelry at Home

Given a choice, we’d all choose professional cleaning when it comes to our luxury goods. However, sometimes a quick at-home fix is inevitable.  Whether that’s giving your jewellery collection a quick polish on a rainy day or performing a last-minute deep clean on a well-loved item before a special event, the good news is, cleaning your jewellery at home is easier than you might think — so long as you follow professional advice. You’ll want to ignore any novelty suggestions — such as using coca-cola, ketchup, baking soda or even... Read More


How to Clean and Disinfect Earrings like a Professional Jeweller

Gold earrings, silver earrings and even diamond earrings can lose their shine after consistent wear. Plus, earrings are a jewellery staple that need regular disinfecting for obvious reasons. While a professional jewellery cleaner can provide this service for you, learning how to clean your earrings at home will likely save you some precious time and allow you to set some cash aside for another purchase. Another pair of luxury earrings, perhaps? In this blog, we’ll walk through how to clean earrings of all kinds from pearl earrings to gold earrings... Read More