Gemstones Guide

Frost of London’s guide to precious gemstones.

Understanding Gemstones

With such a variety of gemstones to choose from, selecting the right stone to adorn your jewellery can become a complex task. Knowing the meaning behind each gemstone and what makes each one so precious can guide your decision making, allowing you to choose the perfect stone — or stones — for your next exquisite piece.


Ruby ring

Diamonds are the most popular gemstone in the world. Made solely of carbon, diamond is the hardest substance on Earth, making it the perfect symbol for expressing eternal love and commitment most fittingly.

With supreme clarity and astonishing natural beauty, diamonds are perfectly suited to engagement rings and wedding rings, as well as an array of divine gifts (or even something special for yourself). Each of diamonds’ impressive qualities can be measured in terms of colour, clarity, cut and carat.

Diamonds effortlessly represent the highest level of sophistication and timeless style. Explore the masterfully created jewellery from FRED and Roberto Coin at Frost of London and discover how the world’s most renowned jewellers use these astonishing gemstones to create each of their incredible pieces.


Red in colour, rubies represent love, passion and intense desire. They are the birthstone of July and are immediately distinguishable due to their vivid and enchanting appearance. Highly sought after, a gift containing a ruby makes the perfect gift for any lover, effortlessly representing beauty and intense desire. 

Most notably, world-renowned jeweller Roberto Coin uses rubies as a hallmark for each of their unique pieces. A small ruby is inlaid in each of their pieces, tying together each of their collections with a stylish signature.


Sapphire ring

Deep blue sapphires make an eye-catching and unique gemstone. The birthstone of September, sapphire has regal and highly sophisticated associations. Princess Diana’s blue sapphire ring is one of the most recognisable pieces of jewellery in the world, most recently being worn by Kate Middleton after it was passed down to Prince William and used for the royal couple’s engagement.

The natural beauty of this stone represents truth, nobility and romance. A rare stone; it is reserved for only the finest of pieces and frequently makes a perfect gift for “something blue” for one’s wedding day.



Deep, vivid shades of green are the most recognisable characteristic of emeralds. With such an individual appearance, they have been highly revered across many cultures for centuries, from the Aztecs to the ancient Egyptians. The birthstone of May, emeralds remain some of the most popular gemstones and are commonly associated with royalty, wisdom and peace.


A variety of quartz, amethysts are violet in colour. It is often associated with spirituality, tranquillity and groundedness, which are believed to protect one from intoxicants. Its distinctive colour and striking appearance make it an ideal choice for a unique gift that will be sure to stand out.


The unique shade of turquoise — the name for the colour derived from the precious stone itself — is the oldest known stone in history. Derived from the French for “Turkish stone”, since it was originally transported from Asia to Europe via Turkey. Bright and bold, turquoise is a symbol of wisdom, protection and nobility and would undoubtedly make a striking impression.


Highly valuable and instantly recognisable, pearl — or mother of pearl — is made from nacre, a rare substance produced by molluscs. Pearls are the origin of the term “pearlescent”, which describes colours that shift and change in the light, creating hues of blue, red, yellow and green on its white surface. Pearls represent calmness, peace and wisdom with their unique properties.

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