The Luxury Gift Guide for Men

It can often be tricky to purchase gifts for men, especially when it seems that they have everything they could possibly need. Nevertheless, when it comes to purchasing a luxurious and sincerely heartfelt gift, it’s important to get it right. Frost of London will provide you with a vision for that special gift, excellence in the delivery of your chosen item and integrity, loyalty and service throughout your experience. 

Read on to uncover the perfect luxury gift for your loved one with our luxury gift guide for men.

What Should I Buy a Man? Guide to Buying Luxury Watches

There are some questions you should consider at the beginning of your luxury gift journey:

Who Are You Buying For?

Take note of what the man in your life already owns. Does he have more of a classic and functional style, or does he prefer a more distinguished look, showing a little flair? Sow a few seeds, and ask some open-ended questions to gather information about his potential desires (just make sure you don’t give the game away). 

What Do They Like?

Depending on how well you know the fortunate recipient of your luxury gift, you may want to tailor your purchase to their tastes. Are they a collector of a particular brand or style such as Arnold & Son or Franck Muller watches? Or do they prefer rare and exclusive trinkets? Perhaps they enjoy the finer things in life, presenting an opportunity for you to gift them a most treasured and precious item. After all, don’t they deserve it?

What Is the Occasion?

Consider the occasion and what might make a fitting gift for the celebration. If an anniversary is being celebrated, it might be worth considering something extra-special to define the milestone. Why not treat yourself to (or ask for) a present by the same designer that you chose for your significant other to share in the joy and exclusivity of the union? Alternatively, if it is a gift for a birthday or retirement, it could be the ideal opportunity to get something your loved one has had their eye on.

How to Buy a Luxury Watch

It is often said that you can’t go wrong when buying a watch for a man. However, there are a few considerations you should make when seeking out a new timepiece for someone special:

  • Functionality
  • Materials
  • Brand 

Allow us to explore the different facets that make up the characteristics of each unique watch.

Luxury Watches — Functionality

Time and Date Watches — The Blaken Air-King

Is the recipient of the gift a man that likes simplicity or someone that appreciates minimalist design? The Blaken Air-King is the perfect example of unique styling with restraint, utilising the highest quality materials to create a bespoke yet modest design from one of the most innovative and prestigious of brands ever to exist.

Handmade in Germany, Blaken watches are the epitome of luxury, designed with the expression of one’s personality in mind, and reflecting one’s individuality in its most exclusive form. The result is a piece of watchmaking art made especially for you the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Chronographs — The Franck Muller V45 Vanguard Limited Edition Chronograph



It might be wise to choose a watch with a focus on high functionality, particularly if you know the person you are buying for has a high-functioning personality. The Franck Muller V45 Vanguard Yellow Gold Limited Edition Chronograph will provide any man with a sense of joy when utilising the many features it has to offer, not to mention the superior style and build quality.

Franck Muller watches are easily identifiable thanks to their unique Cintrée Curvex shape, commonly recognised as the brand’s most significant silhouette. Combining boldness and creativity, their watches are some of the finest and most intricate in the world.

Multi Time Zone Watches — Arnold & Son DBG

Is the man in question someone that works internationally? A watch such as the Arnold & Son DBG, with its distinctive and sophisticated design, will allow your relative, partner or friend to keep track of the time in multiple time zones, at home and abroad.

The legendary watchmaker John Arnold — founder of Arnold & Son — was born in Cornwall in 1736. He left England for the Netherlands at the age of 19, returning to London with fluency in German and an abundance of watchmaking expertise. This stood him in good stead at the court of King George III, a regal onlooker of John Arnold’s innovative watchmaking ability. One could not go wrong with such an aspirational and important watchmaker whose presence is still felt amongst the most esteemed watchmakers to this date.

Activity Watches — The V45 Vanguard Yachting Watch Stainless Steel

If your man is something of an outdoorsman or someone that errs on the daring and adventurous side of life, watches with the capacity to withstand some rigorous action would make a fine choice. The V45 Vanguard Yachting Watch in Stainless Steel (or Rose Gold) is made in Switzerland — one of the global leaders in watch creation — and features a sturdy stainless steel housing with a durable rubber strap. 

Here, Franck Muller has created a watch built to withstand harsh environments, ideal for the outdoorsman that prefers not to sacrifice his values.

Tourbillon Watches

These are the most exclusive and highest-quality watches available to purchase. A Tourbillon watch is fit for a man that does not compromise in any area of his life. They are the best of the best. The Franck Muller Fast Tourbillon Skeleton Black & Gold is manually wound, with seven rows of the finest diamonds encrusting the watch face. 

With free next-day delivery on all UK orders, free worldwide shipping, finance options available and 100% secure payments, you can rest assured that Frost of London will handle your order with the expertise and grace you can expect from one of the finest watch and jewellery retailers in the world.

Luxury Watches — Materials

As discussed, it is important to consider the materials of a watch, from the strap to the face and the crown to the dials. Subtle differences can make for big changes in the watch’s style, appearance and feel when being worn.

When choosing a watch for a man, take note of his values. Does he prioritise ultimate comfort or rugged durability? Perhaps he is somewhere in between, prioritising balance and harmony in his life. In any case, contemplate which would best suit the recipient’s taste.

Luxury Leather Straps

Leather straps are best for a balance in comfort and durability. They represent a classic look and are popular with watch manufacturers for a reason. Consider a leather strap (found on the majority of watches) for the perfect balance of style and substance. The Arnold & Son TEC1 Palladium Tourbillon is a perfect example of functionality, style and supreme quality from their “Royal” collection.

Luxury Rubber Straps

Rubber straps offer a contemporary look, providing more comfort for active men. Rubber has highly-resistant properties, meaning it can withstand more challenging environments. Consider the Graham Chronofighter Superlight Carbon Skeleton in Red as one of the toughest yet most fashionable watches available to purchase today. Featuring a total weight of less than 100g and water resistance up to 100m (as well as a two-year warranty), you will be hard-pressed to find a better option for the man in your life.

Watches — Brand

A fitting brand speaks volumes with little more than the utterance of its name. You will want to find a brand that the man in your life can associate with on an intrinsic level. Below are two fantastic examples of brands offering something different with each unique timepiece:

A timepiece from the legendary brand U-Boat such as the Classico Black Swan alludes to a rich history of brave and strong men, much like the pilots in the Italian navy for whom these watches were originally made. To this day, they are still made to the highest quality and are as masculine and prestigious as ever. This timepiece is one of our top-sellers for good reason.


For the forward-thinking man, the limited edition CVSTOS Challenge Jetliner Tourbillon S boasts a dazzling array of high-end features. From a contemporary brand with a distinctive high-tech approach, CVSTOS has boldly created a pioneering style, freely inspired by the boundless creativity of an exceptional team of complementary talents. Always a step ahead of time, CVSTOS is the avant-garde benchmark in high-end watchmaking.

Purchasing a Luxury Gift from Frost of London

With such a dazzling array of potential gifts for that special someone, it can be overwhelming to select the right timepiece. Frost of London’s luxury gift guide for men should provide you with a more refined outlook on luxury watches and what each unique timepiece has to offer.

Find your man that extra-special luxury gift at Frost of London.