Watches Guide

luxury watch for men

An introductory guide to buying the perfect watch from Frost of London.

Are you considering purchasing a new timepiece? Whether you’re looking for your first luxury watch or considering expanding your collection, we’re here to help you on your journey.

Deciding on a luxury timepiece can be challenging, even if you’re a connoisseur. There are many considerations to make, from watch brands to watch movements, as well as your budget and the functionality you require.

Frost of London is here to assist you with your purchase and provide you with all of the information you need to find the perfect pairing. Let us help you with your decision-making process to ensure you’re getting the watch your desire the most.

Watch Brands

Watch Movements

Watch Functions

Find out which brands are most reflective of your personality, style and true character. All brands have a legacy, so take some time to explore each brand’s heritage and find the brand closest to your heart.

Discover how watches work and understand the difference between quartz and mechanical to decide on the right kind of watch movement for you.

If you need extra performance from your watch, whether that’s water resistance, a stopwatch or date functions, discover how additional features can add practicality to your next timepiece.

 If you’re looking for your next luxury watch, why not explore our extensive collection of timepieces from the world’s leading watchmakers.