Wedding Rings Guide

A guide to wedding rings from independent jeweller Frost of London.
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Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring

Purchasing a wedding ring is a significant investment — one that will stay with you and your partner for as long as you both shall live. At Frost of London, we understand that such an investment requires careful planning and forethought, so we’re here to guide you through the process and ensure that everything is perfect for your special day and beyond.

Choosing a Wedding Ring

There are several considerations to make when purchasing a wedding ring. From the style of the wedding band to the creator of the jewellery, each element has its unique part to play and will define your ring of choice.

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Metals for Wedding Bands

Wedding bands — as the name suggests — are made predominantly from metal with only small embellishments and adornments. Since the metal is such a vital element of the wedding ring, it’s important to select the right metal.

Gold has been a long-term favourite for couples, representing the permanence of marriage and enduring love. Frost of London’s own Yellow Gold 4mm Court Wedding Band perfectly captures this essence with simplicity, supreme quality and sophisticated style. 

Other materials are also available for wedding rings. Platinum, a rarer, weightier and denser metal also makes a fine contemporary choice. Frost of London’s Platinum 5mm Court Wedding Band is a beautiful alternative to a traditional gold ring, but, with so many variations of gold to choose from, gold remains the most popular choice for many couples.

Wedding Band Shapes and Styles

Once you’ve decided on the metal for your wedding band — whether that be yellow gold, white gold, platinum or something else entirely — it’s time to consider the style of the wedding band. 

These are the most popular shapes that wedding bands are crafted into:

Court Shaped: Traditional yet still contemporary, this style is rounded on all edges, providing maximum comfort for the wearer. It’s sleek, stylish and highly recognisable aesthetic makes it the most popular choice for wedding rings.

D Shaped: This shape of wedding band has a flat edge on the inside of the ring while retaining a curved exterior, forming a D shape through its cross-section. 

Flat Shaped: As the name suggests, the shape of this style of ring is flat on one or both sides. This styling is more comfortable for some wearers and provides a different aesthetic.

Halo Shaped: A unique style, this shape is entirely rounded — like a halo — and has an equal thickness throughout its cross-section.

The shape and style of the wedding band will affect the aesthetic and fit of the ring. Both are important elements to consider, so a balance is to be struck to ensure the maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal of a given ring. 

You can use Frost of London’s ring size guide to ensure that you get the perfect fit for your wedding ring.

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Wedding Bands Weight, Width and Height

The weight, width and height will affect the overall durability and comfort of a ring, as well as its cost. Smaller, slimmer shapes require less metal for their creation and thus will reduce the price of the ring, whereas heavyweight rings are likely to withstand more wear and tear throughout their lifetime.

Standard or Embellished Wedding Rings

More contemporary wedding bands feature additional embellishments in the form of diamonds and other gemstones. For those seeking added personalisation and unique style, an embellished wedding ring is an ideal choice.

Preparing for a proposal or seeking the perfect wedding ring after your engagement? Discover Frost of London’s collection of wedding bands, offering styles from our in-house designers and unique pieces from world-renowned jewellery designers.