What to Get the Man Who Has Everything

wealthy man

On birthdays, Father’s Day or any other significant holiday, we often start to panic wondering what to get the men in our lives. 

Unlike women, men tend to stick to classic staples and functional items that rarely change or cause them to need to buy anything new. This makes gift-giving that much harder, often ruling out the novelty factor, anything on-trend — or anything that risks the recipient to confess they already have one just like it. 

So, what should you get the man who has everything? 

Something Collectable 

The man who has everything is bound to be someone well organised, passionate and has a discerning eye. Giving this type of person a collector’s item is always a win, so long as you can find out what kind of things they like to hoard. 

A collector’s watch is a safe play, yet it is far from a boring present. 

Receiving a timepiece from a legacy brand like U-Boat gives that special man in your life a two-for-one; a luxury watch and a piece of history. U-Boat watches were originally made for pilots in the Italian navy and still look just as masculine and prestigious as ever. 

If the man in your life is a watch lover, you can’t go wrong with a watch like this. Known for their mechanical craftsmanship, a U-boat watch will bring hours of speculation and enjoyment as well as constant, accurate timekeeping. 

Something Thoughtful 

People often use “it’s the thought that counts” as a way to pick someone up after a small failure. But with an item like a Blaken watch, the thought does count and is sure to be a victory. 

Blaken watches are customised Rolex’s that are equal parts art and equal parts watch. Indeed, the man who has everything is likely to have at least one keepsake from the world’s most valuable watch brand. But do they have a Rolex with Diamond-like-Carbon coating and carefully placed jewels? 

The answer is: not likely. Blaken’s are hard to find and source from the tiny German manufacturer that specialises in customising Rolex’s. Luckily, Frost of London is the sole UK stockist of Blaken and one of its’ few worldwide retailers meaning you can select a familiar high-end brand with a twist that your special man has likely not got — or perhaps ever even heard of. 

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Something Functional 

Masculine gifts run the risk of being boring, clinical and nothing but a tool to get the job done. A stylish set of steak knives, high-end gardening equipment and luxury grooming products are amongst the most popular items suggested for men year-on-year. 

Getting the perfect gift for the man who has everything requires a balance between an item that’s functional and frivolous, ensuring you’re not boxing something up he would routinely buy out of necessity. 

Something as intricate as a Franck Muller watch is rarely bought on a whim and could be considered as too self-indulgent to buy for oneself. As a gift, these technical masterpieces are perfect. Even with an abundance of functionality, Franck Muller watches are far from boring with their delicate clockfaces and signature silhouettes. 

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Something Rare

The man who has everything, of course, doesn’t actually have everything. This is just a turn of phrase. A man who seems to have everything often has all of the classic staples, as well as enough resources to enjoy bespoke experiences and services. Perhaps the only thing this man doesn’t have is something rare. 

Finding rare items takes time, which is why we carefully curate our collection of brands for you. Shopping with an independent jewellery boutique like us can guarantee you will find hidden gems from hard-to-reach brands and exclusives. 

We stock rare, luxury jewellery from brands like Shay Fine Jewellery and Shamballa Jewels, as well as pieces from our in-house line that focus on diamonds and their beauty. Whichever style, colour or fine material you have in mind, we’ll likely have a piece that fits your criteria and exceeds your expectations. 

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