How Much Are Engagement Rings?

There can be nothing more difficult than finding the right engagement ring for your perfect partner. It may seem impossible to sum up what someone means to you with a single sentimental offering, not least when it’s a marriage proposal. This raises one of many questions, how much should an engagement ring cost? 

At Frost of London, we’re proud to offer an eclectic selection of rings to suit anyone’s taste. With so much to consider, our selection will give you the best chance of finding the perfect match for such a momentous occasion.

How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring is one of the most significant items you’ll ever purchase. It might well stay on your partner’s hand forever, so making the right selection is of the highest importance. 

When making a decision of such gravity, price should be a consideration rather than a compromise. Old adages indicate that an engagement ring should cost the equivalent of three months’ salary, but in recent years, it’s not uncommon –– or in bad taste –– to spend much more on such a special item. After all, wouldn’t you want your partner to receive only the finest of rings on the day of your engagement?


Engagement Rings from Frost of London –– Perfect for Any Budget

Following in the footsteps of great jewellery creators, we present our own in-house collection of engagement rings. Available in a variety of sizes and detailed stylings, we offer quality without compromise at respectable prices.

The crowning glory of our collection is the Frost of London Platinum 1.20ct Round Brilliant Engagement Ring. The band is made of platinum –– one of the rarest of expensive metals –– which has a silvery-white finish and is encrusted with brilliant white diamonds. The mount boasts a 1.20ct white diamond that will be sure to dazzle any onlooker from near or far.

For a similar yet subtler design, our Platinum 0.90ct Round Brilliant Engagement ring would make a fine choice for those with a more minimalist taste. Retaining many of the features of the more elaborate 1.20ct ring, this piece cradles a smaller gemstone as the main feature –– a white diamond softly glimmering atop the beautifully crafted ring. Your partner will be hard-pressed to decline your proposal when presented with such a stunning piece.

Looking for something extra special? We feature some of the most exclusive and highly revered jewellery makers from around the world. For those who don’t compromise, engagement rings available at Frost of London are the most exclusive, most prized of all of our jewellery. 

For more modest budgets, our range of Djula engagement rings offer elegant yet affordable options for those with simply value the sentiment. This stunning range exhibits young, Parisian spirit innovative designs made from only the finest materials.

The Djula White Gold & Diamonds engagement ring is a beautiful piece, offering a minimalist design that retains the quality and craftsmanship that alludes to much more expensive jewellery. The 18ct white gold band elegantly presents four sparkling white diamonds, showcasing the brand’s aptitude for finesse and sophistication. The ring can be effortlessly married together with a set of Djula’s marvellous White Gold & Diamond Hoop Earrings to crystallise your engagement and highlight your affection for your partner.


Fabergé Engagement Rings

The legendary jewellery maker Fabergé is steeped in history. Established nearly two centuries ago in 1842 in St. Petersburg, Russia, the maker is synonymous with luxury trinkets of the highest, most revered quality. Fabergé remains an industry leader in jewellery making, each piece featuring indulgent designs, precious metals and rare gemstones.

How better to propose than with a breathtakingly crafted ring from one of the most internationally renowned brands of all time. The Yellow Gold Emerald Engagement Ring will allow you to do just that. One smaller, delicate emerald is set in the rings inner core, the other larger oval-shaped jewel sits sparkling atop the ring itself. With white diamonds set across the ring’s shoulders, the joy of this piece extends beyond the glimmering emerald in dazzling style.


Diamonds of Botswana Engagement Rings

If you’re looking to spend a little more, the highly exclusive and extraordinary Diamonds of Botswana rings offer the finest diamonds one could hope to find. Only the rarest and most flawless gemstones feature in Diamonds of Botswana’s pieces. Each stone is handled with absolute precision from the moment they’re mined from the earth in Africa to when they’re finally laid in place in an exquisite piece from this master jewellery maker.

One of the most exclusive of all the Diamonds of Botswana rings is the limited edition White Gold Rectangular Diamond Ring. It’s a piece to behold –– the brilliant white diamond is of the highest quality available to purchase at its size. Surrounded by smaller diamonds for added extravagance, this ring is a truly remarkable demonstration of quality, sophistication and craftsmanship. 


How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Regardless of the cost, the most important element of your engagement ring selection is this: the ring should bring your partner lifelong joy. Symbolic of the oneness you share, the ring should express a sentiment exclusive to you and your partner only. We’ve searched far and wide to bring you the most astonishing and desirable collections — from our in-house jewellery creations to the works of master jewellery makers from across the globe.

At Frost of London, we cater to all tastes and desires. Whether you have an infinite budget for a ring of utmost reverence or prefer to be more modest with your purchase, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect ring for your partner by shopping with us.

Has something caught your eye? With free worldwide shipping and delivery guaranteed within seven-14 days, we’ll supply you the perfect engagement ring in plenty of time to ask the crucial question. Shop our entire collection of rings here.

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