The Best Luxury Women’s Jewellery Brands

With so many luxury brands to choose from, it can be hard to select a piece from a jewellery creator that reflects your personality and fulfils your desires. Frost of London offers an abundance of astounding jewellery for you to choose from.

Roberto Coin

There’s a story behind every great jewellery creator. The best luxury women’s jewellery brands all have a tale to tell, and Frost of London are proud to share their stories through each fabulous collection from the world’s leading women’s jewellery brands.

Luxury Women’s Jewellery from Frost of London

In no particular order, we look at the best luxury women’s jewellery brands — from their inception to their latest creations — and what makes them stand out amongst the rest.

Los Angeles-based Anita Ko is one of the highest calibre creators of contemporary pieces for the modern woman. Founding her own company in 2006, Anita Ko epitomises drive and dedication that’s elegantly reflected in each of her pieces.

The designer specialises in earrings and rings –– available at Frost of London in various sizes –– with majestic pieces such as the Rose Gold Pave Diamond Panthere ring and the subtle and elegant White Gold 2 Dot Diamond earrings.

Making a more recent debut in 2017, this contemporary Dubai-based brand is the result of a collaboration between Aisha Baker and Hoonik Chang. Their jewellery offers playful and exotic pieces filled with colour and vibrant energy, allowing the wearer an escape to their ultimate fantasies.

The artistic duo depicts a magical fairytale through each unique piece: from the intricately designed “Ever After” Heart Ring in 18ct yellow gold, featuring white diamonds and rubies, to the “A Charmed Life” Bracelet with a bounty of precious stones and metals.

From contemporary to classic, Fabergé pieces remain some of the most sought-after jewellery in recent history. With over a century in jewellery expertise, Fabergé is a world leader in jewellery creation. Indulgent metals and rare gemstones adorn the incredible pieces available at Frost of London, from the Rose Gold Pink Sapphire ring with multicolour gemstone shoulders to the intricate and surprising Yellow Gold Ladybird Egg pendant.

Founded in 2005 by brothers Mads and Mikkel Kornerup, Shamballa Jewels effortlessly combines ancient Tibetan culture with contemporary Nordic design principles. Showcasing a range of beautiful and bold pieces for women, Frost of London is proud to host a stunning collection of the brand’s finest jewellery.

Elegant bracelets and necklaces of the women’s collections will bring harmony and refinement to any outfit, no matter the occasion. From the exuberant and astonishing 18ct White Gold Diamond Necklace to the Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet, each piece will bring out the wearers’ truest and most gracious qualities.

Roberto Coin –– a name that epitomises stylistic originality –– awaits to be discovered at Frost of London. The finest Italian craftsmen create genuine works of art with precious metals and stones that empower the wearer with each beautifully curated collection.

The Diamond Princess –– one of the designer’s key collections –– displays restraint, staying true to classic stylings. The flower design is synonymous with the brand and makes each piece instantly recognisable as a creation of the highest quality. Symbolising romanticism with a feminine look, the White Gold Earrings and Double Chain Pendant evoke sensuality expressed through simple yet dazzling designs.

Legendary craftsmanship and exquisite, playful designs are prevalent throughout Fred’s stunning work. Fred Samuels –– the brand’s founding father –– opened the first Fred store in Paris in 1936, and to this day, the brand remains a mainstay amongst other high-end jewellers. 


As an official stockist of Fred jewellery, Frost of London presents the jewellery maker’s most revered collections, including the signature Force 10 collection and the Chance Infinie collection, offering class, style, sophistication and sincerity with every single piece.

Contemporary and refined, MARLI appeals to a new generation of women. Bold, emotive pieces assert an unmistakable presence that empowers the wearer and effortlessly conveys class and culture. The brand –– founded by Maral Artinian –– has a timeless yet individualistic style, with fluid lines, excellent use of precious materials and flawless quality.

Frost of London presents versatile pieces that can be worn on any occasion. The distinctive Yellow Gold Coco Femme Earrings feature red agate –– a gemstone that speaks volumes for the brand –– which allows the wearer to open their heart and welcome new energies.

The Most Luxurious Jewellery Brands for Women

From bracelets and rings to necklaces and earrings, there’s an eclectic and luxurious selection of the world’s finest women’s jewellery brands at Frost of London. We make it easy for you to find the jewellery of your deepest desires, fulfilling your order with the excellence and integrity you’d expect from one of London’s most esteemed independent jewellers.

Discover more pieces from your favourite luxury women’s jewellery brands at Frost of London. Explore our varied collections of female jewellery from the world’s leading jewellery creators today.

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