Le Gramme

Le Gramme

The essential hardware for men
A simple and perfect hardware piece to reveal your unique identity. a product of creativity and skilled execution. crafted in france.


      Le Gramme

      Creative director and co-founder of le gramme, erwan le louer is a 2008 graduate of a MA in industrial design from esdi, l'école supérieure de design industriel. le gramme is the latest concept launched bu the designer-entrepreneur in 2013.

      Prior to le gramme and until 2011, le louër simultaneously took charge of maison margiela's jewelry line and founded is on brand, named jem. le gramme is the result of a long-held passion for aesthetics, objectfs and creative processes.

      An elementary form, a noble material, an imprint and a finish: le gramme pieces embody the results of his creative vision.

      A vision that is also expressed, since 2010, in the constitution of a private collection of contemporary art - The Archives project - which aims to build a guideline of minimal aesthetics and taut lines, with the uncompromising rigour of a collector passionate about the absolute creative gesture.

      Le gramme is a brand of men's jewelry where each object is named by its weight in grams. le gramme’s pieces draw their strength from their minimal form, and a natural tendency to be collected, which enables the wearer to create his own unique design identity.

      Le gramme's collections come from a creative process inspired by industrial design and are rationally thought: the shape emanates from a reflection in the absence of drawing, until fulfilling its function. then the object is realised.