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Quality with a touch of modernity and irreverence.

Above all, each Le Rhöne watch is the culmination of crafting by the best artisanal Swiss workshops which uphold the purest watchmaking traditions. This close collaboration between precise expertise and an original approach to watchmaking on the part of its two founders constitutes the very essence of watches.




Focusing on the making of unique and exceptional timepieces crafted by the most talented Swiss artisans, Le Rhöne aims to contribute with passion to your ultimate dream.

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At Le Rhöne each timepiece is first and foremost the product of talented craftsmen based in the best Swiss workshops and working with the utmost respect of watchmaking tradition. Precise craftsmanship know-how combined with the founders’ – Loïc Florentin and Timo Rajakoski – original approach to watchmaking creates the essence of Le Rhöne watches: the highest quality standards with a touch of modernity and audacity.


All our movements are developed and produced in Switzerland, based on the highest qualitative standards to fit the high technicity of our timepieces. Developed in the best workshops by talented and experienced watchmakers, each movement is genuinely crafted following the Swiss horological heritage. Le Rhöne’s strongest aim is to surprise and amaze the watch collectors around the world.

Our Road Racer chronographs are equipped with the automatic movement DD2017 realized by the famous Dubois Depraz and assembled on a Soprod A10 base. In 2017, for the new Hedonia collection, Le Rhöne has developed the DB-01, an automatic caliber with a double barrel for a power reserve of more than 72 hours. The Haute Horlogerie models are not left behind with two new movements: a Double Tourbillon Home Time with bridge and a Double Flying Tourbillon Home Time.


Le Rhöne’s strength focuses on creating exclusive and outstanding timepieces. The most gifted Swiss craftsmen contribute passionately to make your desire come true by personalizing your watch. With this possibility to select the desired materials, finishes and colors, you participate in the conception of your personal unique timepiece.