The Timeless Voyage

The Timeless Voyage

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A SHAMBALLA® Bracelet featuring Neolithic Carnelian Beads

Unveiling “The Timeless Voyage,” a SHAMBALLA® bracelet graced by two extraordinary carnelian beads, each a relic from a nearly Neolithic era. Shaped into a cylinder and a disk, these beads are treasures that echo the craftsmanship of ancient India and bear the footprints of a journey to Africa.

Believed to have originated in the lap of a pre-Indus Valley civilization, these carnelian beads offer a tangible link to a bygone era. Their earthy hue and natural glow symbolize the shared human history and craftsmanship that span continents. These beads didn’t merely exist; they traveled, likely through trade routes or as cherished personal possessions, eventually finding their way to African soil, where they were discovered. The disk and barrel shapes of the beads serve as a testament to the ingenuity and artistry of ancient artisans. They show that even thousands of years ago, human beings were experimenting with form and geometry, imprinting their creativity on the gifts of the Earth.

Wearing “The Timeless Voyage” is not just an aesthetic choice but a connection to the deep roots of human civilization and the wanderlust that has driven us for millennia. Adorn your wrist with this piece and be a part of an epic, intercontinental journey that defies both time and boundaries.

Age: More than 5.000 years

- Ancient Neolithic Carnelian Beads
- G/Vs & Black Diamonds
- Brown Sapphires
- Rough Black Diamond
- 18K Black Rhodium Plated Yellow Gold

Gender: Gents, Ladies
Type: Bracelet
Collection: Special Creations 2023
Model: 132918
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