U-Boat Luxury Watches for Ladies and Gents

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U-Boat Watch

U-Boat Handcrafted and Limited Edition Pieces

Designed by Italo Fontana. Unique and tailor made watches, guaranteed by finest Italian watchmaking.




Why Invest in a U-Boat Timepiece?

U-Boat watches are known for their bold, slightly androgynous look. Modelled after navy U-Boats and made for pilots in the Italian navy, U-Boat’s strong heritage makes these watches an obvious choice for collectors of luxury goods. From the Classico collection and the carefully composed Chimera model to the ultra-feminine Precious adaptation, there are plenty of timepieces for both men and women on offer. Throughout all of U-Boat’s diverse collections, you’ll notice a discerning feature in all of the brand’s watches — the large crown wheel, giving each watch a mechanical feel. The craftsmanship of these watches matches their labour-intensive look as they’re made in the homeland of the U-Boat, in Lucca, Tuscany using only the finest raw materials. Wearing a U-Boat will make you feel as though you’re in the pilot’s seat — strong, stable and in control.

About U-Boat

U-Boat is the luxury watch brand that almost never was. The U-Boat project began in 1942 when the “Officine Fontana” was tasked with creating a professional timepiece for superior officers of navy U-Boats. The brand was later revived by Italo Fontana — a relative of the watchmaker’s founder — in 2000 after discovering the preserved sketches and ideas that were to become the U-Boat brand. Today, U-Boat is a global authority in luxury watches, especially amongst specialist collectors. After U-Boat’s revival, the brand released several acclaimed collections including the U-Boat Classico, which boasts a unique left hook, as well as the highly-anticipated Chimera collection that features super-imposed dials and hand brushed bronze colouring. It’s these minor details and the authentic Italian craftsmanship, which give U-Boat watches collector status. Purchasers of U-Boat rarely stop at one watch. Rather, they collect a range of U-Boat styles each with their own unique mechanisms.

It’s safe to say that any true lover of timepieces has to have a U-Boat item in their collection.