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In 1942, Ilvo “The Watchmaker” Fontana was commissioned by his country to produce a timepiece that would become the pride of the Italian naval officers. Those distinctive watches had to meet the navy’s standards and specifications. The firm rose to the call but for unknown reasons, the deal was aborted before the production started. 

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All U-Boat watches can be distinguished by the large crown on the left of the watch case, and many of them by their technical specifications, which make it possible for them to be resistant under the most extreme climatic conditions. They can be read immediately, and they are not contaminated by horoscopes or lunar phases. You can see that Italo designed all of them himself; they have a very recognizable identity and can be identified from a distance.

To accentuate the ties between Italo as a person and his product, his name has been added to the trademark. Each watch is a unique piece of work, with the guarantee of the most refined manufacturing behind it. They have a prominent appearance that transmits a sense of confidence, discernable taste and power, which is in perfect harmony with the brand. The constant features that encompass all the U-Boat collections are their quality, the selection of materials and the craftsmanship, and then, of course, the “made in Italy” factor. All U-Boat creations, though they may be from different collections such as Classico, Flightdeck, or thousands of feet, are also distinguished by a retro look, which goes hand in hand with the uniqueness of their design.

For now, there are four main collections, which are divided into various models and materials and a number of limited editions. All materials interest Italo, from the classic steel to the more technological magnesium, carbon, bronze, gold, silver and ceramic. He loves to try things out without being influenced by the market and the competition: he was the first to use black and red Sapphire with an opaque effect.


This all means that a model is made up of various materials that transform it into a creation that stands out on its own. From a creative point of view, he let himself be guided by what he loves to do … his passion for cars, racing, flying, and diving. His inspiration is multifaceted. For his Flightdeck collection, for example, he drew his inspiration from control panels he had seen on an aircraft carrier. The same thing happened to him in the United States when he visited a famous warehouse full of antique planes, and was entranced by the old altimeters and speedometers for the thousands of feet collection. Finally, the classic collection is his idea of the purity of timeless design. His classic watches have been created for a person with character, and for every moment day or night.