Engagement Rings Guide

 Frost of London’s guide to purchasing your engagement ring.

Choosing The Engagement Ring

engagement ring

With so many styles to choose from, finding the perfect engagement ring can become a daunting task. From the gemstone setting to the metal the ring is made from, there are plenty of considerations before you commit to a single ring that will sweep your partner off their feet.

Whether you’re seeking an exquisite ring with elaborate adornments or you wish to preserve your partner’s modesty with a simple yet sophisticated piece, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pairing for your partner by shopping with Frost of London.

Engagement Ring Settings and Styles

Understanding the different styles and settings of engagement rings will help you decide on the most fitting piece of jewellery for your partner. The ring itself marks a momentous occasion and a significant moment in you and your partner’s lives — ensuring that you understand each aspect of the ring will help you make a well-considered and fitting selection.

What Is a Ring Setting and Style?

While the “style” is simply used to describe a ring’s design, the “setting” of a ring describes how the gemstone is set or mounted upon the metal band. Different settings will highlight different aspects of the ring and are a matter of preference to the buyer and the wearer. 

Some rings are more expensive than others if they have more elaborate settings or hold more gemstones, while others may be less expensive if they only hold a single stone. This is not always the case, as some gems are considered more valuable than others — in particular, diamonds can vary significantly due to several different cosmetic factors.

Styles of Engagement Ring


This classic style showcases a single gemstone — usually a diamond — at the centre of the engagement ring. Sometimes referred to as “single-stone” rings, this timeless style is instantly recognisable and is a highly popular choice.


Like solitaire rings, your attention is drawn to a single stone, but here, the centrepiece is surrounded by a circular “halo” of gemstones. This is a contemporary style that is slightly more elaborate than the traditional solitaire setting.



These kinds of engagement rings feature three gemstones in a row. Two smaller stones are sometimes used in conjunction with a single larger stone at the centre to highlight it’s brilliance. It is said that this style represents the love you have for your partner in the past, present and future, making for a highly emotive and memorable engagement.

Styles of Engagement Ring Settings

Different types of settings elevate the primary gemstone to allow more light to pass through it, showcasing the stones’ beauty. Some settings also include the addition of more gemstones as part of the band of the ring itself.

Claw Setting:

Claw ring

This design holds the gemstone in place. This is sometimes referred to as a “prong” setting, where three or four metal claws or prongs protrude from the ring to hold up gemstone and highlight its brilliance. 

Cathedral Setting:

Here, the gemstone is elevated with detailed struts similar to the tall arches of a cathedral. This is a high setting, perfect for showcasing a particularly brilliant gemstone.

Pavé Setting:

Derived from the French “pavement,” a pavé setting is a setting where gemstones are inlaid through the width of the band itself. Sometimes, small gemstones are set into the prongs or claws that hold the largest stone, creating a magnificent effect.


A contemporary style, a channel setting includes a row of diamonds sunken into the band of the ring. This is similar to the pavé setting, but offer a slimmer appearance to the engagement ring while still making it stand out.

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