Luxury Hamsa Jewellery and Pendants

To add a luxurious touch to any look, Frost of London's Hamsa jewellery and pendants serve as the perfect accessory. Not only are they eye-catching with beautiful symbols and colours, but the Hamsa is also believed to bestow luck and blessings on the wearer.

Our collection is crafted with quality stones and intricate detail and enhances your style while making a statement. Distinguish yourself in any crowd with Frost of London's impressive selection of exquisite Hamsa pieces.

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      54 products

      54 products

      The Symbolism of Hamsa Jewellery

      The symbol of the Hamsa, or the Hand of Fatima, has long been used as a protective charm in many cultures. The shape and colours of this five-fingered hand vary depending on where it is from, but its home is believed to be in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

      The Hamsa is thought to bring good luck and prosperity into the wearer's life or home and provide protection against evil forces. The symbol can also have a deeper spiritual meaning depending on the interpretation of its many elements. For example, the eye at its centre is thought to ward off evil, much like the Evil Eye.

      Over time, this symbol has become a popular decoration for homes and jewellery. It continues to gain popularity among people from all walks of life who seek protection, clarity and strength.

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