Watch Functions

A guide to special watch functions from Frost of London.

Most luxury watches regularly feature a plethora of “complications” — the name given to any function on a watch besides telling the time — that makes them incredibly useful for all kinds of activities. Whether you’re looking for a watch that’ll help you keep track of your sporting endeavours, or you’re after a special evening-wear piece, Frost of London has an eclectic selection of luxury watch brands for any occasion.

Luxury Chronograph Watches

franck Muller King

Chronograph watches feature extra dials on the watch face that can be used in conjunction with the pusher functions — the buttons chronograph watches have next to the crown — to accurately time events in seconds and minutes. These dials are separate from the main watch face, allowing the wearer to track time without focusing on the main watch hands, which would otherwise make timing events tricky.

The chronograph function acts like a stop-watch, making these watches useful for all kinds of sporting activities as well as many other day-to-day activities. Chronograph watches have been manufactured for centuries and remain a popular choice of watch for anyone looking to get extra functionality and added aesthetic in their timepiece.

Luxury Watch Bezels

Luxury watches often feature additional details in the bezel — the ring that surrounds the watch face. These details give the watch wearer additional functionalities without crowding the watch face itself, which can sometimes make telling the time more complicated. Bezels usually have one or more of these features: 

Tachymeters can be used to track an object’s speed by accurately measuring the time it takes it to travel a given distance — an ideal feature for fans of motorsports or aviation. Numbers on the watch bezel indicate the speed in miles per hour, starting with 400mph at the 2 o’clock position, ending with 60mph at 12 o’clock. 

To use a tachymeter — like the one featured on this Graham Silverstone RS GMT watch — the wearer will need to track how long it takes a car, motorbike or plane to travel one mile by monitoring the second hand of the watch. For example, if one mile is travelled in 30 seconds, it can be assumed that the object is travelling at 120mph.

Compasses make a popular addition to watch bezels, allowing the wearer to rotate the bezel in conjunction with the hour hand of the watch to orientate themselves. This is an ideal feature for boatmen, hikers, adventurers and explorers alike. 

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) watch bezels can help the wearer track time in different time zones. The Blaken Rolex GMT Master II 40 features a 24-hour wheel on the bezel that can be rotated to account for time differences across the globe, making it a perfect addition for avid travellers.

Water-Resistance for Luxury Watches

Water-resistance is a highly useful feature found on many contemporary designer watches. The greater the level of water resistance the watch features, the more resistant to liquids the timepiece will be. The chart below will help you establish how water-resistant a given watch is for different kinds of activities.


Water-Resistance (Metres)

Water-Resistance (Pressure/Bar)

Rain or accidental splashes

30 only





Snorkelling or Water Sports



Scuba Diving



Deep-Sea Diving




It’s important to note that water-resistant seals will degrade over time, especially if your watch is frequently exposed to water. It’s advisable to get your waterproof watch resealed when it’s serviced to maintain its water-resistant qualities.

Multi-Time Zone Watches

franck Muller Vanguard

Multi-time zone watches are useful for anyone who frequently travels between countries in different time zones. These kinds of watches are also ideal for businessmen and businesswomen who need to keep track of time for their international clients, allowing them to effortlessly keep on top of deadlines for their clients operating abroad. 

This kind of watch allows the wearer to tell the time in two or more time zones using additional hands on the watch face. These hands can be set to indicate the time at any given moment across the globe. Brands such as Arnold & Son are master craftsmen of multi-time zone watches and are available to purchase from our online boutique or in-store.

 Designer Skeleton Watches

Arnold and Son

Skeleton watches are some of the most intricately designed and expertly crafted watches available. The minute detailing allows you to see your timepiece’s inner workings and mechanics, creating a unique, eye-catching aesthetic. World-renowned designers like Cvstos, Franck Muller and Arnold & Son specialise in creating luxury skeleton watches, all of which are available from Frost of London.

Luxury Date and Time Watches

Rolex Blacken Submariner

 Date and time watches can vary greatly in complexity, but in essence, they all tell the date as well as the time. Some designs feature many complications, like the Arnold & Son Hornet World Timer, featuring a multi-time zone tracker around the watch face as well as a perpetual calendar function — a unique complication that can track the exact date for up to 100 years, even factoring in leap years. Other luxury date watches, like the U-Boat Classico Black Swan timepiece, remain relatively simple yet still highly sophisticated while offering the wearer added functionality.

Looking for a new luxury timepiece? Explore Frost of London’s extensive collection of luxury watches from some of the world’s most revered watchmakers.