A Guide to Cherishing Your Shamballa Jewels: Care and Maintenance Tips By Dino D'Auria

Shamballa Jewels
Welcome to the luxurious world of Shamballa Jewels, available at Frost of London. With the finest materials the earth has to offer, from radiant 18K gold to captivating precious gems, we craft not just jewellery but legacies. When you possess a piece from our collection, you own a story of nature, artistry, and elegance. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you cherish this story forever.
General Care and Maintenance
Shamballa Jewels creations are designed to be timeless. Yet, to ensure their longevity you should avoid wearing them during physical activities such as exercising or swimming and exposing them to direct sunlight or chemicals like perfumes, which might tarnish their original glow.
Gemstones & Turquoises
Shamballa Jewels gemstones are pure nature’s wonders, so they deserve tender love. Keep them shielded from extreme heat and chemicals. Over time, if they seem to have lost their sparkle, a touch of organic oil, like almond oil, can bring back their lustre.
Pavé Beads
Incorporating gemstones meticulously set by hand on 18k gold, our pavé beads are remarkable. To maintain their pristine condition ensure they aren't exposed to rough treatments and avoid scratching them or knocking them against harsh surfaces.
Rhodium Plating
The luxury of black rhodium plating is its unique appearance. It's crucial to remember the appearance can differ from one jewellery piece to another.To keep its sheen intact, re-plating might be required over the years.
From the serene waters of Tahiti and the South Sea Pacific, Shamballa Jewels pearls are nature’s masterpieces. Did you know regular wear is encouraged? Yes the skin's contact help retain their shine so if ever you need an excuse to wear those pearls! You should also refrain from storing them in dry, dark places. Finally ensure they're not exposed to chemicals.
For those lucky enough to already a with Shamballa Jewels’ signature macramé string design consider an annual rebraiding to keep them fresh. You can enjoy the flexibility to change bead combinations or string colours during maintenance.
Lock Systems
Shamballa Jewels solid bangles come with intricately hand-crafted lock systems. A few things to note include handleing with the utmost care during opening and closing.
In conclusion, every Shamballa Jewels piece is a testament to thier  superior craftsmanship and design. By following this care guide, you ensure its splendour remains untarnished, letting your jewellery narrate its enchanting tale for years. Here’s to many joyous moments with your treasured Shamballa Jewels
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