Captivate Her Heart this Mother's Day 10th March with Roberto Coin's Venetian Princess by Dino D'Auria

New Roberto Coin Venetian Princess colour ways in Pink, Green or Blue Titanium
Mother's Day is not far away - 10th March. Captivate her heart with the latest pieces courtesy of Roberto Coin. The Venetian Princess collection never fails to surprise and delight with its magical transformations. From the original black and white diamond design evoking the mysterious legends of Venice to the latest incarnations featuring mother-of-pearl, malachite, and lapis lazuli, each piece embodies romance and imagination.

And now Roberto Coin. stuns us once more with unique titanium petals in vibrant shades of pink, blue, and green. Working with this remarkable metal required years of dedication to master its intricate properties and stabilize the dazzling colors. The resulting pieces are a testament to the brand's artistry and innovation.

These special edition floral pendants and rings shine brightly with precious metals, pave diamonds, and titanium petals that will never fade. Their durable beauty makes them perfect for the woman who wants to carry the essence of a freshly bloomed flower wherever she goes.

But don't wait too long! These beauties won't stay in stock long! Visit our online store today to find the perfect Venetian Princess piece that speaks to her adventurous spirit. Let Roberto Coin make her heart bloom this season with jewellery as unique as she is. 
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